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Trackball Alert and Trackball Alert Pro now support Xposed

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I'm pleased to announce that latest versions of TrackballAlert (1.1.16) and Trackball Alert Pro (1.2.20) both now support Xposed by rovo89.

This means that any rooted device with a full colour led/trackball can now change colour specific to the application. Previously this was only possible if Paul or myself made frameworks available for specific handsets/ROM. For more information on TA/TAP please click here.


  • Trackball Alert Pro
  • Trackball Alert

    • Latest Trackball Alert (1.1.16) and Trackball Alert Pro (1.2.20)
    • A device with colour led or trackball (See list below)
    • Rooted
    • Xposed framework installed via the Xposed Installer (More info)
    • Android 4.0.3 or better

      Due to a bug with Xposed and Paid apps Pro version users must use Paul's "Disable Play Store Encryption" module. Which can be found here

      Compatible devices:

      • Nexus 4
      • Nexus 10
      • Samsung Galaxy S3
      • Galaxy Nexus
      • (If you know or more 4.0.3+ compatible devices please post below)

        Installation Instructions:

          [*]Install Xposed Installer and use Install/Update button within

          [*]Install TA/TAP

          [*]Enable the TA/TAP module within Xposed Installer

          [*]Soft reboot using Xposed Installer

          By default TA/TAP xposed module forces the led to flash with screen on this can be turned off from Xposed Settings accessible from TA/TAP settings or Xposed module tab

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hey lilhermit,

glad to see this mod! certainly makes life easier.

I installed on my m7 (i think you have one too??) and even though the led only flashes green, it now recognizes more (notifications)

any idea what is the hangup for the color change?

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Has this been abandoned?

Pro version no longer in the Play Store, and the Free version complains that the Xposed Framework is the wrong version.


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Is anybody able to get Trackball Alert Pro working on Android 4.4.2 with the latest Xposed Framework?
I cant get it to work on the OmniROM nightlies.

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