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pulse is gone :(

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I have not continued to participate in the forums since my Huawei U8220 was stolen from me by a pickpocket a few days ago. Unless I get another one, this is the end of my time on this forum. Thanks all for all your help. Its a wonderful phone and unless I get something significantly better, I may even buy another one! It's sad since I have really grown attached to it, even though its old and has limitations, I was very content and it did everything I ever wanted from a phone. So long..

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What a pity!!!

Also I've grown with him and I think this phone is the greatest for beginers of Android Scene.

See you,...perhaps in other forum :)

I'm thinking change my U8220 for a new Xperia Z. I've have an offer from Orange. :D


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I have since come to own a Samsung Note II now and I am blown away by the performance - after all its only 20x more powerful than pulse.. Having said that, believe it or not, there are still things I miss about the pulse like the track ball for moving to exact part of word to fix spelling mistakes and the hardware buttons for dialing and hanging up. I found a little app called 'button remapper' somewhere on XDA developers site that allowed me to play/pause tracks on the pulse using the camera button I never used. Long-pressing on Vol^up and Vol^down allowed me to skip to next/previous track when phone locked. I recommend it! I still think these buttons are hugely important and unfortunately lacking in newer phones. There's a lot to be said for just pressing the green button 3 times and immediately dialing the last person in the call log..

What I also miss is this vibrant forum. The Samsung Note section of Modaco is nothing compared to the contributions, dev efforts, hacks and determination of those in the pulse forum.. if anyone wants to compare experiences with Samsung note, I've gone over to scottsroms.com forum!

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