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Donkey Oaty

Damaged phone. Refused repair

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I bought a refurbished Xperia U from O2 online. After 7 weeks it stopped working and wouldn't boot.

It was running a bit slow so I did a soft reboot but it wouldn't come back on.

After being sent for repair it has been found that a very small component on the PCB has come loose and is therefore no repairable. It is claimed this is due to excessive force.

The phone is like new, no scratches dents, chips or even surface marks. I have never dropped it or abuse it.

The loose component is not associated with a port or switch etc and is behind several layers of internals (battery, screen, PCB etc).

Would you consider it possible to damage an internal component without an external signs of damage? This isn't a big chip or anything just something that to me looks like a small contact.

I have photos if anybody is interested

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