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Unlocking HTC One (currently locked to T-mobile/Orange/EE)

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saquib    1

Hi all,

Managed to pick up a HTC One, but it's locked to T-mobile/Orange/EE, I've tried one mobile unlocking site (mentioned on xda) and they failed to return a unlock code (refunded automatically). Other users on xda have had success with the same company, but they were locked to different operators, not T-mobile.

Anyone managed to successfully unlock from a T-mobile locked device?


P.S. Tried HTCCODE but they don't seem to be able to do this handset currently.

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ermacwins    1

Just tried HTCCODE for a EE handset and it says:

The following tool is available for your IMEI :

Factory Code (All Networks) > HTC 2013 (Supernew & Not Found)

What does that mean?

Any other places unlock?

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goatee    4

I used to unlock my EE locked handset. Strangely, the site didn't work on Chrome, and when you type in your IMEI, it will say it's a legacy 2012 handset. I got it for free, by using Trialpay, though I used the Now TV free trial to trigger it, and I had to email Trialpay support, as the offer didn't register as being completed initially - in all it took a couple of days, with 30 days free access to watch movies on Now TV :D.

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