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How to create boot animations without a PC

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NOTE: You may need to purchase an app from the Play Store.

Hello everyone, new guy here!

I recently rooted my phone with the help of a step-by-step guide that i found here and I wanted to know how to change the boot animation.

After looking around MoDaCo, I noticed that others who also wanted to create their own boot animation were complaining about a blank screen.

I want to create a step-by-step guide for people who want to create boot animations on their phones without the need for a PC.

This guide has probably been done a hundred times, but people who want to create boot animations should give it a quick look, at least.

You will need:

* A file manager with root access and a text editor.

* An app from the Play Store called 'Easy Unrar Unzip & Zip Premium'.


* Change the names of the images that you are using so that they are sorted in the desired order, starting at zero.

For example, if you are using 40 images, the first one will need to be called img0000 and the last one will need to be called img0039.

* Create two folders in your SD card called part0 and part1.

* Put your images into 'part0' for the first part of the animation.

* Put images into 'part1' for the second part of the animation.

10 to 15 images will be enough for 'part1' because it's a looping, short animation.

* Create a file (not a folder) called desc.txt.

* Open the desc.txt file and write the following:

480 800 30

p 1 0 part0

p 0 0 part1

* Save the file.

You can change the '480' (width) and '800' (height) parts above to the resolution of your images.

The '30' is the speed, you can change that too, if you want.

* Open the 'Easy Unrar Unzip & Zip Premium' app.

* Press the 'Compress' option and select part0, part1 and desc.txt.

* Press the green tick at the top.

* Write in bootanimation as the name.

* Press on 'Normal' and change it to 'Store (no compression'.

* Press 'Compress' at the bottom.

* A file named 'bootanimation.zip' will be created.

Your new boot animation is now complete!

* Go into your file manager and find 'bootanimation.zip' (the one you just made) and Copy it.

* Go to System > Media and you will see a file called 'bootanimation.zip'.

* Change the name or delete it.

* Select 'Paste' to put your new boot animation in here.

That's it, you're done.

Reboot your phone to see your new boot animation.


You likely didn't change the compression type and just made a regular .zip file.

Remember to pick the 'Store' compression type.

Hope this tutorial helped some of you out!





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You might not need the 'Easy Unrar Unzip & Zip Premium' app if you can find another app with the 'Store' compression option.

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The best thing about this app you can have different boot anime every time you reboot...:)

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