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Ascend G615 and Honor 2 - Same HW, slightly different package?

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So there are two new phones not even mentioned on official Huawei website, but we now have Huawei Honor 2 for Europe (U9508) which is same as G615 except for the looks. Then we have Huawei Honor 2 with 2 GB of RAM (U95082) which is sold in china.

There is comparison of G615 and Honor 2 1 GB version, the 2 GB version is same except for the RAM.

I have found shop here in Europe selling the 2 GB version, with no simlock, and already rooted. The price would be 290 Pounds/440 Dollars (if converted from Czech Crowns), while the Honor 2 with 1 GB RAM can be bought for 256 Pounds/390 Dollars. The G615 can not be even bought here in Europe, as we have the rebranded and redesigned Honor 2.

Is it worth buying the 2 GB version? I am looking for a new phone in this price range anyway. What about the modding community? Is anybody working on those new phones, is it too early, or am I missing where all the action is?

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Maybe it's too late, but .....

Honor 2 it's exactly the same as Ascend G615, only difference is Ram.

For the Roms....

For Now International Update is still on ICS, the last in B107 (or B110, little update that fix some issue in carrier name and something else)

In china Official Uopdate is based on Emotional UI interface, is Jelly Beam 4.1

There are 2 kind of update, Stable and Beta.

Stable is EMUI B550, Beta is EMUI B629; both cames whit new Gpu driver and some bugfixes.

Modding: it's not simple, for now there are only MIUI and some Rom based on chinese Emui (like Mauronofrio V5 and MAuroBeam , Hiui 2.5 by Sorex an Xiui 1.5 by LaVx)

That because bootloader is blocked, there are no release of Kernel and Rom source. Someone is still trying to port CM, but for now no result.

Recovery is only in chinese.

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