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[dev][APP][CM10/AOKP-JB] Slightly modded camera.

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Ok so I was looking into trying to find a workaroud for the painfully slow camera without just replacing it with a third party one and this is what i have come up with for now.

The capture animation is 700 milliseconds in length. Including the time to call the animation we are looking at close to a second of wasted time.

So here is a modded version with the capture animation reduced down to 200ms.

Go to system/app and delete "gallery2.apk" (before you ask, yes this is the camera app) then

move the replacement to system/app. Make sure the permissions are set to RW-R-R. Reboot.

(root browser is a good free app for this)

And finally, enjoy the extra half a seccond you now have spare xD


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