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I guess the title says it all. I just wanted to get some feedback before emailing them back.

1. Has anyone unlocked there boot loader who's S/N in about phone is different to the one on the box.

2. Which S/N should I send to Huawei the one in about phone or the one on the box / under the battery.

3. Should I tell Huawei that my phone has 2 S/M's which I believe is due to hacking my IMEI with 5irom & DFS tool.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I used the S/N under the battery when I got my unlock code but I've heard people saying that you only need to send them your IMEI number.

Initially Huawei sent me the network unlock code (a 16 digit number) so I emailed them back again and asked again for the Bootloader unlock code.

They replied within 1 hour with a 16 digit code containing numbers and letters which I believe is the Bootloader unlock code (but I have not had a chance to try it yet!).

This was the email that I re-sent them. I just hit reply email to pub_mobile ([email protected]huawei.com) and wrote this...


You have sent me the wrong code. I want unlock the BOOTLOADER. You have sent me the code to unlock the network.

Please can you send me the code to unlock the BOOTLOADER. You have given my friends the correct code.

I will resend the information in this email.

Here are the required details--

Model: U8815 / Ascend G300

IMEI: ################

S/N: ################

Baseband: I am on ICS official (4.0.3), not in Gingerbread.

Thank you.

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Huawei sent me a boot loader code with letters and numbers, but after I ran the script the phone came out of fastboot with the message. Bootloder unlock failed invalid unlock code, with a big yellow triangle! My phone then booted as normal.

Whilst weighting this I have had a thought. I rootet my phone as I as struggling ADB ( all due to my own stupidity ) and i am sure I read in one of the many threads I read yesterday that rootg300.exe modifies the boot loader could this prevent unloacking

EDIT, I have just found that my IMEI is 0 (zero) going to flash my 5irom backup and try again. I will report back later on tonight.

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So 2 hours later and I am back where I started.

Before I flashed update.app I restored my IMEI, after flashing update.app it was again reset to zero. So I re rooted and restored it once again then ran the script but still no joy.

Time to email Huawei again I think.

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There's no need to send S/N mate it's been proven..just supply Model Name and IMEI...

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