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Google Calendar App Problems

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I was having issues with the calendar snooze function as it wasn't working. I thought by reinstalling the app it might fix it so I removed the calendar files from /system/app & then tried to reinstall from the app store. It didnt work.

Basically it just shows 'No calendars'.

Of course being stupid, I never created a backup before deleting the files, so now I'm stuck.

I copied the calendar files from another nexus 4 & put them back in the correct folder but it won't work.

I've tried creating a new google account & setting that up in the calendar app but it just shows 'no calendar'.

When I go into settings-google-accounts it shows my gmail accounts with 'sync error'. Calendar is not shown in the list.

I've also tried removing my Google account,rebooting & then setting it up again & no joy. Factory reset didn't work either.

I presume the problem or part of it anyway, is the files are not installed correctly.

Anyone have any ideas how I may restore the calendar? Thanks

---- Fixed ----

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