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Backup settings and accounts

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I want to update my OS but dont want to spend the next 3 days typing in all my accounts and settings

Android has a back up method for accounts & settings but i haven't a clue how to restore these on a new OS - in fact im sure they get flushed away with everything else

Dont suppose they can be stored on the cloud and resumed by just logging in with gmail account?

anyone used this back up successfully when upgrading?

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There are number of ways of backing your settings.

Hauwei Back up

Android back up

Superback app

Have you got a google mail account? If so activate google drive and download a copy to your phone then you can place your back ups to there!

Google Drive


Or if you looking how to back up your system you have to use CWM and back it up to your SD. It creates a Nandroid backup.

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