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(off topic?) Hotmail.co.uk on Android Email 4.1

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Hi all,

First, apologies is this is way off topic - but, a, I don't know if the problem is specific to Stock+/G300 and, b, you guys seem to know everything about everything :)

I want to get my hotmail.co.uk email account linked in to the standard Email app in ICS. But I can't get it to work (even though I successfully set it up on my Nexus 7).

I have tried following various online web instructions but no go. Some sources suggest that there is an issue with setting up hotmail.co.uk (as opposed to hotmail.com) address.

Any ideas? THank you.

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I only use the Gmail/ Yahoo/ K9 app, I don't have a hotmail account, but have you tried adding your hotmail email address as an "account" on your phone? Go to settings/ Accounts Sync and add it there.

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