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Huawei G300 B952 - Painfully slow 3G Internet (Vodafone)

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Some advice would be gratefully received. I have been using Huawei Stock B952 for a while now and I am having the following problems:

1. Sound settings seem to change on their own accord. Ringer volumes / email receipt tone volume. Not a serious issue but a bit annoying.

2. More of a problem is the very slow internet using either the built-in browser or Chrome (neither is any better). I am using Vodafone contract and it can at times take several minutes to fully render pages even with good 3G signal showing. Sometimes it plain doesn't render pages at all. Data access point settings look OK under "Mobile Networks". Not sure if this the Vodafone network being sluggish, but I don't remember the Infusion ICS version I was running prior to B952 having this issue, although that had other bugs which caused me to move to Stock ICS.

Any advice appreciated. The phone itself seems fast to respond and has plenty of RAM available most of the time, so I don't think that's the problem.


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If the internet is slow, download an app from the play store called speedtest.net and test the speed. can you post the results here?. Also for slow web browsing, try opera mobile, it has a turbo mode that speeds up internet a lot for me!

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