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How to install CWM on joyTAB Duo 9.7 Pro GEM10313bk-rev2

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I have recently come into possession of a joyTAB Duo 9.7 Pro (the GEM10313bk-rev2 version), and as with all my android devices the first thing I did was look to install a custom recovery.

After some searching I came across this thread on XDA. After some dithering I decided to take the plunge and flash the generic RK3066 recovery.img and I am pleased to report that it seems to be working perfectly. Although the instructions are on the site I thought I would go through the exact procedure I used for anyone else that may want to use a custom recovery.

First go here and download the file RK30GENERIC_CWM.zip

Now open the zip file and extract the flash_image file and the recovery.img file and copy them onto the root of your sdcard.

Next using a root file explorer app such as root explorer copy both those files from the sdcard to the /dev/ folder of the joytab.

Now you will need to run some shell commands so install Android Terminal Emulator or similar from the market and run it.

At the prompt do the following

type su and press enter. When the superuser prompt comes up press accept.

type chmod 755 /dev/flash_image and press enter

type /dev/flash_image recovery /dev/recovery.img and press enter.

After a second or so it will say that the new recovery is flashed, and thats it.

You can boot into your nice new recovery buy pressing and holding both the volume keys while holding down the power button till you get to the recovery screen.

I have tried to keep this guide as simplistic as I possibly can so that it is easy for anyone to follow, and I hope that people will find it of help.

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