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[LAVA]Boost your mobile to lightening fast - Jellybean

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I am pretty sure that you have updated your Lava Iris 501 to Jellybean, if not then follow my POST and upgrade.

You can also root your mobile by following instructions given in my POST.

If you are not satisfied with speaker volume then you can increase the volume by following instructions given in my another POST

Now our phone is much smooth and fast compare to ICS but still we want more speed.

Here are few tips which can boost our mobile and makes it lightening fast.

1. Open System Settings and Scroll Down and select to Developer Options


2. Now Enable Developer Options and Scroll Down, here you will find following options:

# Window animation scale

# Transition animation scale

# Animator duration scale

# Force GPU rendering


3. Now open Window animation scale, here you will find that it's value is "Animation scale 1x"


4. Here you have to select "Animation off"


5. Do the same with "Transition animation scale" and "Animator duration scale" and make "Animation off" for them also.

Also select a Tick on "Force GPU rendering"


Check your mobile, I am sure that you will feel lot of difference in speed, performance and smoothness.

6. Now the last step "Comment your experience here in this post".

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Boost your mobile to lightening fast, ---- the images for this post is not displayed. I own LAVA IRIS 455 and wanted to boost my mobile as fast as it could be. 

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There may be problem with file hosting server but I have written all steps clearly. Just follow them.

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