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le Binh

help rom Acer E310

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Hi everyone I'm from Vietnam.

I'm using the phone rom Acer liquid mini E310

Acer Liquid mini E310

and got bored of it,

I have long wanted to find a CM7 or CM9 rom for it but do not see,

I happened to be with MoDaCo a good site for acer,

I was very happy and had to find, download rom, but many will not be installed, because it is only for A1 or other phones :(.

So can anyone help me find the CM7 or CM9 rom for my phone is not. thank you very much

Sorry for my spelling, I used google translate .

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try searching google i found few roms over there

use google chrome or google translate to translate the pages from other languages to your language

and check the roms

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Some roms:





Check this forum(search for roms here)


use http://translate.google.com to translate pages

after translation the links will not work, so open links from pages without translation


Note: Please check everything in detail before doing anything, i only searched google rest you should find out. I am not familiar with your device.

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so thank you, I think to have CM7 or CM9 for my phone is a bit difficult because it has been forgotten developers. Anyway, thank you. I will look further and hope ... :)

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