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Galaxy note 2 bluetooth issues

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In a last ditch attempt to resurrect my note 2 before I get rid of it after only 3 weeks is anyone experiencing bluetooth issues either with phone or ad2p. I have 3 ad2p devices a car kit, a jabra Bt speaker for the car and a plantronics headset. All frequently lose Bt connection either for both the phone or media part for ad2p.

I have tried to use tasker and various plugins or apps that claim to fix reconnection issues but all have failed. I like the note 2 as an iphone replacement but like the note 1 this issue still exists.

I have found with tasker that I need to separately connect to the car kit first on ad2p, wait and then to the phone to establish a reliable connection. This is done using bluetooth auto Connect app.

Buy whilst playing podcasts with dogcatcher, beyond pod or pocket casts whilst running sat navigation software it can cope with the pause and resuming of the podcast when playing the routing instructions.

However it is randomly pausing the podcast or losing ad2p connection. Sometimes ad2p won't work until a phone call is made and this is on 2 separate devices. I can't believe it's the hardware that is at fault as my note 1 over one year ago had the same issues.

Sadly if I can't resolve this then it's back to iOS as it works fine.

Any help or guidance from people who have been able to resolve a similar issue would be appreciated.

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