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Javed Islam

I think my memory card is corrupted?

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Well like the topic title says, I think my Micro SD card is courrupted because whenever I put some songs in they end up getting corrupted and when i try to play some songs, some of them appear ok and some of them give me a message saying, "Sorry Cannot Play File". My music file are perfectly normal when i downloaded them. I tried doing everything reseting the sd card etc

Any ideas how to solve this problem? or is my Sd card actually corrupt? Please let me know. Thank you!

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It sounds like the sort of thing that happens with a fake memory card. There's a lot of them about, and although things look fine when you are copying to the card, when you try and read the data back, then you suddenly notice

Here's a couple of links on the subject,




If it was me, i'd throw the card away, and replace it with something i know is completely genuine from a reputable dealer

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If its a fake, i'd have no way of knowing simply by looking at the picture and details. It might be a genuine Kingston card, or it might be a fake Kingston card. Which is why (although I love ebay for a lot of things) I'd NEVER use it for flash memory.

I'd either buy it from a reputable physical store, or an online retailer who i can trust.

(I've used 7dayshop in the past)

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