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hi guys

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Hi guys! my san diego's display drive was gone. when I open phone,i can see xolo. But i can't see intel inside and more.My screen is black ,sometime is whit ,sometime is colorful.

What i can do and have done:

1. Pressing start button and volume button - down, i can use adb and fastboot.

2. I have done fastboot -i 0x8087 flash update update.zip.

3. I have root of android

4. Phone is booting normally,android is running good.I can hear alarm clock in the morning.

Also i can hear some of the sound system.I find touch is good.I can see My screen through

usb data line in my PC.I do with android system.

problem :

I have do anything to my phone ,screen is bad.

I need help,many thanks.

I am sorry for my terrible english.


through Usb data line



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yes,i think so.I do as him says,but i get trouble in software update .It stopped.Bear similarity to the picture

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