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games problem

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I have a friend that has a Orange San Diego AZ210 that none of the games are working.It gives a error that the location is not good or sometihng with the sim card.How can i solve this problem?

btw how can hard reset the device.


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I don't know what the problem with the sim is (possibly a faulty sim?) but to factory reset :-

You can either go to settings/backup & reset or :-

1. Power off and back on holding the power button and Vol-, you'll feel it vibrate. Release all buttons.

2. Press Power button and tap Vol+, release all buttons again.

3. Tap Vol- twice to select "recovery" and press the camera button. This will put you into system recovery screen :-

The 4 options are :-

reboot system now

apply update from external storage

wipe data/factory reset

wipe cache partition

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