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[Free Game] Simple yet Challenging: Drippitt!

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A new variation on the Drippitt! Game:

Drippitt! -SHIELD-

Simple yet Challenging. A Snake like game.

You are a Drop of water. Drying out slowly!

Flow around to find the blue Wells, to drink and Grow.


Good to play solo: How many levels can you get!

Or play the machine: How long can you stand up against the DrippBott?

And you even can play multiplayer games with friends via Bluetooth.

- Appropriate for all ages, children and adults, from age 4 up to 404.

- Can be played on any screen size. Tablet and phone.

- Two control types: Drag with finger or tilt the device and use gravity.

- Play multiplayer games on two devices via Bluetooth. Very fast and no server involved.

- Works on many Android versions. (2.2 and higher)

Have Fun!

Find: http://play.google.c....drippittshield

Connect: http://www.facebook.com/DrippittGame

Follow: http://twitter.com/Drippitt


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The game has a lot of potential. Very interesting but the graphics are a bit off imo.

Eye candy, a better design and stuff like leaderboards and achievements would be cool!

but nice job!

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