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Anyone ever heard of "ZOPO"?

What do you think about these two models


http://www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/zopo-zp950-quad-core-5-7inch-android-4-1-3g-smartphone-w-1gb-ram-16gb-rom-5mp-camera-gps-white


http://www.ADVERTISING SPAM.com/zopo-zp950-quad-core-5-7inch-android-4-1-3g-smartphone-w-1gb-ram-16gb-rom-5mp-camera-gps-grey

Are these good phones for the money?

Also is it possible to update the Android version of that kind of chinese phones?

Thanks in advance!

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hi , i own a zopo zp 950+ with 4gb rom.. with root and ,for now , the 4.1.2 fw , 4.2.1 it's also available but i prefer the first one.

i think is a great device, with great battery life, a huge screen with high brightness ( and better colors in 4.2.1) 3g works well in italy, and it could be set in many frequencies to use only the frequencies of your operator.

i bought it at www.zopomobileshop.it in italy for less tha 280 euro with flip cover and a second battery !

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I own one zopo zp 950+ which I bought from zopomobileshop.com...As a whole I am happy with the phone...better than my Samsung Galaxy S2 which I was using before this one.

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