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Androidiani Rom Alcatel OT 990

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I'm ported rom for Alcatel OT 990

for install this rom you must have 2.3.4 or bigger android version

download link: http://www.mediafire...atel_OT_990.zip


Patch-A: http://www.mediafire...911/Patch-A.zip


Adobe Flash Player








Calendar(new apk)

Live Wallpapers


Patch-B http://www.mediafire...egr46irbs2yz27l

fixed:QuickPick gallery and Torch application


fix for proximity: http://www.mediafire...y5hgx6w9wqdzj09 install via recovery


how to install

1.wipe data/factory reset

2.wipe data cache partition

3.wipe davlik cache

4.install zip from sd card

5.choose zip from sd card

6.search AndroidianiRom_RC3_Alcatel_OT_990.zip install it

7.reboot system now


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good friend what happens is that your room is very good except that when applying patches does not pass the loading screen if I could they would give a solution or post images of step by step how you installed it is very good WILL NEED :ph34r: :ph34r:

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