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ICS Update.app ??

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Hello, I'm looking for any working update.app that is Ice Cream Sandwich and not Gingerbread so I can install it via Download Mode.

Also, my power button is broken, but I can still enter Download mode, my other problem is that I can't root it afterwards,

I plan to install the latest Ubuntu version on my USB Stick and try this tutorial out:


or this one


So if anyone could help me out that ICS update.app it would be very helpful, and if you also know a way to root without using the power button because mine is broken or if you think those tutorials will help... any ideas and suggestions are welcome.

I only need ROOT, I can manage afterwards, I'll install ROM Manager, flash CWM Touch and via adb reboot recovery or Quickboot (The App) I can go to recovery and flash a better ROM than the Update.app stock one.

Thanks in advance :)

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I found one already and one from huaweidevice.com, going to see which one to install...

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