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flash it to your phone... I explained the process on the first page...

You need to null your IMEI to degrade down to GB

Right I guess you have a stocked rom. Plus them middle files I have uploaded.

You back up your phone to sd.

Then to your PC just keeps it all safe!

Go in to your SD card create a folder called "dload" place your middle file in there.

Middles Files



Then hold down volume up volume down and then push the power button. It may fail with the middle file. Try a different one til one finishes.

Then enter "dload" folder on the sd card place the stock rom on there remove the middle file before copying it over.

Then volume up volume down and power button hopefully it will flash a stocked rom. Also with make sure you pull your battery out for 10 seconds before flashing. Just means if you have fastboot on it will kill it and get the phone to load though the process your asking it to do. If you get stuck let me know because are problems with different roms. But it is easier if you let at the time. What rom number is on the phone and what rom your trying to update to.

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So brother. I came back to try to do now b936 from b936 to b895 downgrade as you said on huaweidevice method.

Has it worked?

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What do you mean they work? are new and do not know .. : | If I can explain and after to tell you. ? or can not I put good dload sites? Can you help me?

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