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xolo x900_2

Help me decide which phone to get as a replacement ...

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my phone was given to the service center to rectify an error where they found that my phones motherboard is screwed and hence since they don't have a spare motherboard (sigh imagine the service :-P) they are giving me a replacement ... so it has to be purchased from the store where I bought the phone and thar too only xolo products ... Hencey question which to get the x900 or x1000 the difference is the screen size, resolution, no nfc, notification light, higher battery, expandable memory and bsi sensor for camera ... jelly bean will also be released for it this week... but ill have to pay around 3000-4500 rupees extra to buy the x1000 and also x900 may be out of stock ... I prefer the x900 but the screen of x1000 is calling me :-p I also understand the gpu issues ...


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