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Just a rant about android integration!

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Are there anyone out there feel that android is just not that perfect enough when it involves app integration?

For me, I have a gripe for this as for most of the time when I click on a link from an app to just be lead to a web browser link even if a compatible app is installed on my device...

Another gripe is when a link I do click on does take me to the correct app but just end up not taking me to actual intended destination... So for example, I get a tapatalk link from a tweet and instead of going to the intended linked thread, I just end up at the app home screen, so yeah just annoying!

I know that with multiple compatible app like browsers, and whatnot, the integration is just not that mature enough!

This just my initial rant and would like to read what others have to say on this matter...

My 2pence done :-P

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I just leave the `set as default` tickbox unchecked, then choose whatever app I want to use for a particular link when the requester pops up in things like tapatalk.

Only time i have really noticed an app faffing about with links is in the `app of the day` app, where sometimes clicking on the market link opens the browser, then autoredirects to the playstore app. Its probably due to some advert or link affiliate thing in the browser that i dont see due to adaway (i just get a blank screen for a few seconds, then the browser closes).

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