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Advent Vega OS corrupt - backlight only on

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Hi, not too intelligent with android os.

Attempted to upgrade my Vega to ICS, and now I only get the backlight on. USB debugging seems to be non existent, as I plug the tablet into my laptop and nothing happens.

Can anyone give me step by step idiot instructions to allow me to recover my tablet and upgrade the os to a functional and stable modern version?

I have also attempted to download the stock os, but it seems that I can't even manage that properly! The links from some of the forum posts appear to be to dodgy pages full of viruses and trojans.

Sorry to be so thick ... I used to be very adept at this sort of thing, must be down to my age!

Thanks in advance. :-)

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if I remember righ this state is called "soft brick" and I got out of it many times, but off the top of my head I can't rember how. try searching for that and I can possibly give you more help later when I'm at home

remember this page being useful, but it's many flashes and several devices ago....


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