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MoDaCo Toolkit's "button options" stopped working?

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Recently I flashed Android Revolution HD and also installed the MoDaCo toolkit.

I enabled "button options" then went to Settings -> Display, gestures & buttonts -> Back button -> Press for back, press and hold for menu. This worked for a while, however now it has stopped working.

The three dots menu is still hidden, however whenever I hold the back arrow it does nothing until I release it, which just causes it to perform the usual back action. I'm not sure if I would have done anything since which would affect the modification, has anyone else experienced this?

I have tried reinstalling the Xposed framework.

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Did you install a rom based on 4.2.2? That breaks the button options.

If you disable button options you will now have an option in settings to make a long press on home work as the menu button.

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