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[Free][Themes] GO Contacts EX

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GO Contacts EX Hearts Theme

Go Contacts EX with the motif of pink hearts. Pink app for lovers of pink. Background of contacts is pink and has a pink heart. The keyboard also is pink with hearts, the remaining elements of the keyboard are white. Contact names and data connections are shades of rose. The icons in the contacts are clearly rose. Icons in Groups are white. Background of contacts, groups and favorites are pink hearts. If pink is your favorite color and you have all the hearts on this theme is for you. Your contacts will turn into the boring, standard colors for a cheerful and vibrant pink. This theme is also ideal for lovers. Ideal not just for Valentine's Day. Embellish your contacts this beautiful pink heart, and contacts will turn into something unique, which attracts the attention of vibrant colors. See our familiar pink theme and certainly they also love it. If you are interested in our pink theme for contacts check out our other apps on the same theme - pink and hearts.

Link to Google Play:


tapeta 1.pngtapeta 2.pngtapeta 3.png


Install it and be recognizable to others who are just like you.

Also hearts are most beautiful symbol of true love. This theme will remind you all the time how important are this feelings.

If you enjoy it give us 5 stars or comment! :D

We invite you to our Facebook:


We wish you a nice day :D

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