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[APP] Smart Assistant with NFC tools - manage the behavior of your smart phone

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Missing profiles like Silent, Meeting or Loud from your old phone?
Try Smart Assistant with Smart Profiles predefined!
This is an 5 in 1 app!
1. Smart phone automation (smart profiles and smart actions)
Home, Work, Night time, Car
Making calls, Sending texts (sms)
Changing phone settings
... with hundreds of combinations
2. Silensio plugin (mute and Wi-Fi sharing at meeting rooms)
3. Privacy - call filter plugin NEW!!!
4. Smart Assistant NFC tools (Open Tags)
5. NFC tools (creating tags)
Can be free with referral installs. 
The Smart Assistant is free if you share the link in the app with your five of your friends and they will install it. (Referral installations). This gives you 6 additional profiles and actions. 20 referrals will provide you the full PRO license. To share it go for upgrade part.
Basic app has 3 profiles, 2 actions
Six pack license has 9 profiles, 8 actions
Pro license: unlimited
Do you know the feeling of rushing to a meeting or to school and forgetting to turn off the ringtone? With Smart Assistant, this will never happen again.
Smart Action users:
Currently there is no way to turn time trigger off. To make it easy, we decided to always run new profile. So the concept is: new profile or action is launched when you need it..
A day can look like following in profiles: morning profile - home - car/bus - work- restaurant - car/bus - walking - home - night profile.
Smart Assistant enables you to effectively manage the behavior and settings of your smart phone with GPS, Wi-Fi, time, NFC, Bluetooth and charger triggers. Thus, you can easily teach it when, where and how to behave. Set it just once, and you're free to go – save your time, battery and nerves with Smart Assistant.
★ supports NFC (but not required) - many other triggers available
★ saves time & battery
★ brings user comfort
Top Features:
★  pre-created profile templates - WIZARDs
★  has widget to quickly launch a profile/action
★  share website or YouTube video via NFC (in YouTube app or in browser)
★  free backup & restore via Google Drive
★  new action: navigate me to - uses Google, Sygic, Waze
★  updated Wizard - CAR - can run Navigation Apps, even navigate to action

You can find this app here: https://play.google.....stant&hl=en_GB









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New version 2.01 available!

★ Redesigned user interface
★ Call filter plug-in
★ Referrals - get free features for recommending our app
★ 4 new triggers: call, battery, headset, ringer mode
★ Dock trigger (Coming soon)
★ Minor bug fixes

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