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Carcassone for Android FINALLY updated (a little bit)

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After seeming being left to rot away into obscurity, Carcassone for Android has finally been updated.

As devices have moved to very high resolutions, Carcassone has been left behind. It was virtually unplayable on my HTC One as the graphics were teeny tiny! This new update fixes that. The changelog lists the following improvements...

- improved support for tablets and high resolution devices

- resolved rare font scaling issue on tablet devices

- improved text input with virtual keyboards or T9

Great! But a bit underwhelming given how long it's taken to get out. :(

I understand that a big new update which brings cross platform (and indeed online) multiplayer is still coming, but there's no set date for that yet. Let's hope it's soon...

None the less, Carcassone is still fun and it's now playable again - head on over to the Play Store where you can download the game for £3.49.


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