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[ROM][ICS][4.0.4] ICS STABLE & FAST STOCK LIKE [Update 20.07.13]

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This man is working for improve cm9 for our blades .

Thank you for your work...

But; this is sej's rom :D anyway nice

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You don't get it.

This isn't based on sejs rom. This IS sej's rom with additions. It is NOT your rom.

Be honest and upfront about your modding and i won't say a word.

Snap's point is that the original dev deserves full credit. if anything, you should have revived Sej's thread and posted your 'improvements' there itself.

I'm sure everyone appreciates that you're trying your best to learn Android development. Of course, even the best devs started small. But in the open source community, there is a code of conduct that should be followed, respect for others' work primary among them. Otherwise it's not a community at all!

Over at XDA, this may pass as a new ROM, but not on Modaco ;)

Just my $0.02.


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hi, which ics or jelly bean rom is the best for idea blade?




Try this one for ICS on Idea blade.. (Even i used this on my Idea blade)

Apply the theme manager patch and omx patch ..

Nd its works smooth.. 


Nd For JB u can go for SlimBean 4.1.2 .. 

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