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Portable chargers?

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I've been wanting a charger for when I can't get to a plug and carry it around, mainly for long car journeys, but when I tried a Pebble Smartstick it would refuse to charge. Although it didn't work on a couple of devices I put it down to a problem with that, but now I've bought a Designer Habitat battery bank and it also doesn't seem to work. This charger is working on a nokia lumina and even my ipad but refuses to charge my phone. There's two USB ports on the charger, neither of them charging the battery. Is there a setting to change or app I can use? I know the USB cables are fine because I was using it with my pc yesterday.

Update: Says its charging in the settings, but not on the status bar so it is doing something. So it's the same as another thread now, I suppose.

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Try pressing the central button (beside led indicators) to activate charging.

I got a 5000mAh power pack on ebay a couple of months ago (it looks very similar to yours), it won't charge unless you hit the central button. You click it for LED charge status and apparently also to start the charging process.


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