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Hello everyone im begging for help , i tried all updates for my phone , even middle package doesnt working.

How ever im using huawei ascend g300 u8815

The problem is that i think my upgrader doesnt wrok ( settings-storage-software upgrade-sd card upgrade -confir - upgrade)

As everyone have on rose loader some writtings i got none ( i know i should have extracting files then installing on top when upgradin then down loader and bellow that firmware upgrade , but i got none except loader ) and when it loads i only load 1/3 then it stopped i waiting over 30 mins and nothing) i rebooted phone (battery out - battery in) and it was 2.3.6 .

Im not shure if is my sd card problem it works normaly for my phone its 8gb or is my phone worng.

P.S. I had upgrade from fabric software to ics but after 1 month i downgraded it to 2.3.6 and i see its better 4.0.3 i had and want to get it back but can

my phone : Huawei Ascend g300 u8815 build num. U8815V100R001C00B896 baseband version. 109808 kernel version. [email protected]#1

custom version. CUSTC249D001 !

IM BEGGING FOR HELP if there is any answer , solution a cure please give me , tell me or give me link .


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