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G300 Stuck Won't Boot

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I was following the tutorial to unlock the bootloader officially, and I must have missed something. My phone is stuck on the screen you get when you turn it on, and I can't get in CWM either. I've tried to force update to B952 by holding the up and down volume buttons, but I get an "Update Failed" message everytime.

Luckily, I do have some backups from CWM saved onto the MicroSD. I've tried flashing them with Android AIO Flasher, but I get this back:

C:\Users\Oisin\Downloads\Android_AIO_Flasher_1.40_by_Fonehacker\Android_AIO_Flasher\tools>fastboot flash boot "I:\clockworkmod\backup\2013-07-\boot.img"

sending 'boot' (8192 KB)...

OKAY [ 0.748s]

writing 'boot'...

FAILED (remote: Command not allowed)


finished. total time: 0.750s

I think that if I can flash the images I have, I'll be able to get everything back. Can anyone help me with this error message I keep getting? Also, how can you make sure you're in fastboot mode? I've tried holding the volume button down for 30 seconds, and nothing changes on my phone.

If I can't restore my phone via Android AIO Flasher, is there another way.

Never mind, got it!

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