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It's game time,guys!

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''Tiny Friends Blitz 2 : The Dragon Fly Park Saga''is a simple game on Android !The goal is simple! Just catch butterfly !

so easy to play this game ,

Tap on the screen to shoot your net and catch and many creatures as possible. Tap on the power ups at the top of the screen to use them.


"= Come join us in a secret forest story; a park full of beautiful creatures, and a vale of mystery and wonder, in TINY FRIENDS BLITZ 2 : DRAGON FLY PARK SAGA ="

Tap, catch, and collect all the creatures you can before dawn - dragon fly, butterfly, firefly, other tiny insect monsters and more. LOTS OF EASY TAP FUN, AMAZING VISUALS, and RELAXING MUSIC, become the best hunter.


= Collect rare and beautiful creatures as they fly around your screen

= Use cool special weapons and abilities

= Enjoy beautiful hi-res artwork and gorgeous music

= Get all the free updates when you download

= Come join the legacy today


blow is the video link :

To find it, just search 'Tiny Friends Blitz 2' on Amazon.

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