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HTC One Build Quality Issues - UPDATE

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A number of weeks ago you might recall my somewhat scathing article Does variable HTC build quality turn buying a 'One' into a game of Russian Roulette?

This was borne out of pure frustration having received "THREE" brand new HTC One devices, all with less than perfect build quality.

But i'm happy to report that HTC customer services have come to the rescue and swapped out my questionable device for one that looks just like it should - MINTY.

Its been refreshing in conversations with HTC that they admit themselves that things could and should be better.

We can only emphasise that the manufacturing processes involved in the creation of the One are complex and as such have led to some challenges. We have been striving to improve these processes over time, and it is frustrating when we see cases such as yours. When you received replacement devices from a single supplier, the issue can often be that they are all taken from the same batch (that was delivered centrally) to their distribution centre. This could be the reason why your replacement devices also suffered from similar issues.

I have been impressed with HTC's attitude throughout my dealings with them. Their approach has been that no one should settle for an imperfect device and are working hard to ensure everyone gets a perfect one.

Okay, its been a very long and drawn out process, but in the end i'm now using my HTC One and its brilliant. :)

Coming from a Nexus 4 I thought i'd hate Sense 5, but once you put something like Action Launcher Pro on there you don't really notice it too much imho.

But the biggest jump in quality for me over the N4 is the camera and the camera software. The 'Zoe' and 'continuous shot' modes are AMAZING. I'm getting some tremendous shots of the family that i'd never hope to get with the N4.

The camera features are so good that there is no way I could give them up to get 'stock' Android back. Maybe i'll try MoDaCo.SWITCH for the best of both worlds? ;)

So if you do have any issues with your HTC One i'd totally recommend you get in touch with HTC Customer Services.


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