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Camera / device bags (part 2!)

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I recently posted about my slight bag obsession and a cool Crumpler bag from Lovecases. I found another super cool bag so I thought i'd share it with you too.

Although the crumpler bag is nice and compact, sometimes I need something a bit bigger for camera gear, especially when I go out on my bike. I'm now using the Vanguard BIIN 47 Camera Bag (in black) and it's ace!

I like the fact it feels incredibly well made, has a lot of space segregated into useful pockets, it has a water bottle pocket for when i'm biking and the zips on the pockets feel well made enough that I'm not scared my gear is going to drop out. :D

When you wear the bag the front clip makes it feel very secure and for me it's the happy medium - a bag with good space without being too big to lug around.

The Vanguard BIIN 47 is currently reduced from £59.99 to £39.99 at Lovecases in their camera bags section.

If you grab one let me know what you think! :)


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