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huawei p1 - keeps turning off at boot PLEASE HELP.

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hi, i have been trying to root my phone for the past week and last night i messed up bigtime. now when i turn my phone on, it get's to huawei logo screen and turns off. when i connect to pc it keeps booting non stop. when i hold volume and power, it get's me to the huawei logo screen and it freezes there.then when connecting to pc, in the bottom right i get the blaze removable. how can i sort this mess out now?

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u have adb installed if it shows up as a blaze device but ur win pc is giving u hard time open device manager and change the blaze device driver press update driver and choose manuali u should get it in adb connected then open aio flasher and press reboot into recovery from there do a full wipe or u can try to just do the official force update via sd card.

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