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Help please - Updating from ICS b936

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I've been out of the loop for a while with what's been happening with the G300. I'm currently running the stock G300 New Zealand Vodafone rom/firmware vers B936. Looks likes we won't be getting any further updates via NZ Vodafone, and while I do love my G300 there is some very irritating little things I would love fixed. I think some of those issues were addressed in the B952 update. I found the B952 update on huwaei website http://www.huaweidev...&softid=NDcwMjk= but I'm assuming that's a generic version? If I update using the sd card method, what will happen. Will I loose my huawei toggles etc etc? Will all the NZ apn settings etc stay there or does all that stuff dissapear? Also what still custom roms are still in development? I'm willing to try a stable custom rom but I'd like to know what exactlty doesn't work properly, is there any way to see a list of roms and whats working and whats not instead of trolling through pages and pages on the forums?

EDIT - Sorry this is a repost THIS CAN BE DELETED.I thought my original post didn't work but it had

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