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GMail message display failure

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Too often when I select a new GMail message from a notification it fails to display: the message section remains blank with the spinning circle atop, and it stays like that seemingly forever. If I back out using the left arrow icon in the menu bar above the blank section, then select the unread mail from the list it invariably loads instantly.

I've tried hunting for a solution but found nothing, not even a suggestion that anyone else has this glitch. Perhaps my searching is rubbish...

This has been happening for a while now on a variety of CM10-based ROMs, I'm not sure if it happened on CM9 or stock ICS.

Anyone any clues about this irritation?

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I don't know but i get it too on my current cm10.1, I've had it before at least some of the time but don't remember if it affects some roms more than others.

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