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Lclz.in : ask your friends where they are

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Hi there,

I wanted to let you know the application I made with a friend, it is called lclz.in (Play store link). We created it because the end of Google Latitude and the lack for such app.

Lets explain it with a real use case, I want to meet my friend at an open air music festival with a lot of attendees. The classic way of doing it is calling him, but with the heavy music we will barely understand each other, plus it will be difficult to describe where we are to meet.

That's where the application will help : you select the contact you want to meet, it sends a SMS (or use the share dialog) requesting its location. The text contains a link to a site allowing any decent smartphone (even iOS/Blackberry/Windows Phone) to geolocalize him. Once done, you will get a notification on your phone displaying him on a map !

That's the beginning of the app, we've got a full backlog of ideas for the upcoming releases.

Meanwhile, feel free to install, use, and tell what you would have loved to see in it.


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