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Current recommendations for powerful low-budget phone / tablet supported by CyanogenMod?

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I'd like to buy a new phone and/or tablet, I don't mind if no-name Chinese, but it has to be

  • powerful with up-to-date hardware
  • low-budget (I mean a real bargain)
  • suitable for running CyanogenMod

No idea about a tablet yet, it should be around 10" (min. 1280x720px) with built-in 3G, thought about a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5100, but compared to some Chinese devices I found on AliSPAM it's quite expensive, with the freshly announced Tab 3 even at a higher price.

Concerning the phone I found the amazing Lenovo A820 at an unreal low price with top specs, but it's Dual SIM and not supported by CM (in fact CM currently has no Dual SIM support at all).

The major issue with no-name Chinese devices is the uncertain CM support (don't mind if officially or unofficially supported), but not being able to install CM would be a showstopper for me, as I have no intentions at all to run any Android device with GAPPS installed!

And advice?

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I got the A820 and it is a great phone / phablet in that the screen is just big enough for me to use comfortably for everyday browsing, but the phone is still comfortable to carry around. It's replaced my 9" tablet as my main device at home!

I was looking for Rom developers and thought I saw a cm version but can't remember where so could be mistaken. I guess it depends why you need cm support.

In the end I left the original Rom on and am very happy with it...

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After some more research and searching through the list of supported devices at CM I came to the conclusion, that unfortunately none of such interesting Chinese / no-name hardware is suitable for me. I just have to have CM without GAPPS on my device, there is no way around it.

It seems there are quite some devices coming now with reasonable (and similar) specs at very low prices, like the freshly announced Huawei Ascend G525, which are all Dual SIM. If it wasn't about the missing CM support, I'd go for something like the Lenovo A820 or similar.

I still don't know what to do. The tablet is not a must-have, but a new phone would be nice right now. The list on CM does not show which devices are new, it should be a recent 2013 model.

So any hint, which of the un-/officially CM supported recent devices would be worth looking at?

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