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Huawei y300 after usb connection always in usb mass storage

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Hi ,

as I mentioned I have since 1 week a huawei y 300, I have looked around couldn't find any settings to change the default usb connection to MTP. instead of usb mass storage.

I have the button " always prompt me " "on" under " Usb computer connection"

What is happening, I have a SD card (16GB ultra from sandisk) as default storage , because I have a lot of app installed and I thing the 4 GB is probably not enough.

but now, when I connect my phone via usb to my pc ,( not only for syncro), but also for charging, it switches automaticly to " usb mass storage " settings. then my sd card is not seen by the phone, no apps will run, I have to go into usb computer connection and change them manually. ok that is not so dramatic, but if I for some reason restart my phone and forget to unplug my USB cable then every setting I made is gone , and I have to create folders and even sometimes need to re-install some app again :( . well is there a workaround without rooting the phone, ( which I will be able to do , if need be) am I doing some setting wrong I checked most settings in the phone and no where any clues .

I even tried to set the phone memory to back as default , but then I cannot move apps to SD card. Even reset phones factory settings and started over with backup but nothing seems to work. even I a newbie to smartphones , I will root my phone if need be , thanks for any help

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