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Xiaocai X9 - Updated. Root info. Benchmarks etc.

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Woofie: did you manage to fix your problem? A friend of mine has bought an X9+

I'm guessing I can root it with with root genius. What about Cwm? As I need to get play store on there....

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You will find recovery here along with miui rom


Hi.. is this particularly for the X9+ ??  also... it`s in Chinese...I extracted the files... but I`m not 100% sure this recovery image is for the X9+ because I cannot find one website that has recovery info for the X9+ ( not even for the X9S ( same chipset ))



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I used the guide for rooting x9 and it worked perfectly, but after that it fell and broke. Then i bought an X9S... does anybody know if the guide works for this "s" model too?

Another issue: vibration does not always work. Now and then the phone stops vibrating. Could it be a SO related problem? Or is it just hardware related?

Thanks (and sorry for my english)

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I know it's an old thread, but thought I'd do my bit and say thanks by giving an summary of my x9 (original version) set-up after 9 months of use. It's also partly for my own benefit in case I need to reflash and can't find my notes!


The 'best' ROM I've found was Frankish 1.1 from the tail end of 2013


  • It seems to have best battery life.
  • THL popping up at boot was easily removed by deleting the 'bootloader' file in /system/media
  • At the moment I have replaced the classic Nexus X boot animation (still pretty cool though) with the newer Nexus 'rounded' boot animation by popping the replacement bootanimation.zip in /system/media
  • I also had a problem with 'Settings->Scheduled power off and on' with this rom which I eventually fixed. My problem was that the phone would auto power off but not on at the requested time. In the end I simply disabled the 'Quickboot' option in 'Settings->Accessibility' and this resolved the issue. An added bonus of doing this is that it seemed to have 'enabled' the option to boot to recovery via the power button which I didn't have before.
  • Camera sounds annoy me so I added a 'bak' suffix tothe  camera_click.ogg, camera_focus.ogg, camera_shutter.ogg and videorecord.ogg files in /system/media/audio/ui
  • My mtk-kpd.kl file in /system/usr/keylayout has been edited to allow the middle media button to launch the camera and take photos. Change number 164 to 164 CAMERA WAKE This means that it launches camera and can then be used to take photos (although it is usually easier to touch the screen). 
  • xPosed and Gravitybox are useful tools to remove the 'Sim2 empty' notification and the 'Custom lockscreen' image option works so long as you do all the reboots when required by the installers. 
  • Holo Launcher is my launcher of choice. 
  • ES File Explorers app manager is useful for removing unwanted apps included in the Rom (not too many in this one though) and Root Explorer was useful for carrying out the edits above. 

Thanks to all involved for helping create a fast, feature-packed, powerful and cheap phone!

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