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Problem with battery

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I have now had my Blade III 4 months, and I havent had any problems with it. No reboots etc

Now, in last week I have got about 20 reboots, last friday 6 reboots.

I thought that this is some kind of hw-problem. Today I went home, I got one more reboot while I just little bit knocked my phone to the table. I noticed that while I shake or knock just little bit, it immidiately rebooted. So I think that my battery isnt well placed in device. After I placed battery again to the device, all reboots are gone. But probem seems to be that after several days(3-4 days) all starts again, before I place battery again.

My question is that isnt this the situation while I should carry my phone to the service?? :(

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A piece of paper between the battery and he back, and problem solved.

Yep, but I dont want place paper between battery and back. I thinl I will go to service ;)

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