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Any suitable screen protectors?

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I already bought the Blade C protective covers which aren't a good a match (could be worse though) so I'll order some Blade 3 ones. They're from the same company though ("Membrane") and the quality is great. I'm using a Blade C protector in the mean time and I wanted to say that this company has put some thought into the product. I needed the cloth, the dust removal sticker (I thought that was a pointless gimmick at first but then got two specks trapped) and the repositioning sticker; I guess you'll see what I mean if you need it. I don't really get the point of the card though... I just used my fingers.

Don't use the cloth on the screen-side of the protector (because it will take the dust off the cloth, not the other way around!).

Around the same time, I bought some G300 protectors for my old phone (given to my mum) and they came direct from China (manufacturer isn't clear but the card in the packet is blue and has a white X and red J in the top right corner). They're also pretty decent quality and a closer match than the Blade C but check the comments of some Chinese sellers because some people complain that the protectors are like "cling film". I haven't had that problem so can't comment further.

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