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how to restore cache partition?

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Last night i left my phone and when i woke up phone was unresponsive at all, so i took batery off and put it back in and start up phone, phone went into bootloop after that, when i went to cwm i got error

E:Cant mount /cashe/recovery/command

E:Cant mount /cashe/recovery/log

E:Cant open /cashe/recovery/log

E:Cant mount /cashe/recovery/last_log

E:Cant open /cashe/recovery/last_log

cant wipe cache nor install new rom

cant use adb while im in recovery, simply my pc doesnt register at all my phone while its in recovery, i can use fastboot and i have tried to format cashe from fast boot but got some error, also i have tried to install new "firmware" from huaweidevice from vol up+down+pwr on and it gets stuck on 1/3 of bar... no error no anything just stops there last time i left it for 20 minutes and nothing...

Edit: Or is there any way that i can wipe it completly so i can use waranty i got

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use fastboot instaler for new recovery. twrp guide reccomended

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