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Google or Bing translate

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Does anyone knows a nice application for windows mobile about google translate or bing translate or similar that is still working nice ?

i know google translate 1.6 by kv software but not working perfectly i mean compared to android google translate i can locate many mistakes.


we can also use some tricks instead of application like as website redirecting our browser but with proper layout for mobile phones



any suggestions ?

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the above software is not responding any more and do other wm app is working either.
but i discovered a way to use program for google translation

follow the steps

  1. download binu/googleapps from here http://m.binu.com/app.php?name=search&other=1
  2. install the file using your phone's java
  3. download and install fingerkeyboard (arrows version) according to your screen resolution from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=501122
  4. navigate in binu translate using fingerkeyboard arrows.

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