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Kernel Source request from ZTE

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I've emailed ZTE requesting kernel source "according to section 3 of the GNU General Public License v2"


The email address I sent it to is [email protected]


Is this correct? If so it may help if everyone does it?

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I decided to email them as well. To my surprise they even answered and quite promptly I may add. Quite shocking considering they haven't answered my last five or so emails. :P
Thank you for contacting ZTE and your prompt reply. 
If you are looking for the Kernel source code than 
Please check in the below link . 
If that model is not available there than we really  Sorry to inform you that we can't provide this now it may take more time depends on the technical department. 
Should there be further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.



And even if they "released" it on the above site, you couldn't download it anyway. Their support site has returned nothing but 404 errors for all kernel files for past few months!

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